Aven Studios

Under major construction! It's long overdue, since I've been using the same layout for something like 16 years. (If you see this message, you are seeing the first of it!) I'm teaching myself CSS as I go, so beware of errors and broken things. You may catch me int he middle of updating!

As I have many webgalleries which have most of my art and photos, I am going to focus my site more on my novel and the related world. The first two chapters of the newest version are posted, but be aware they are not the finals. These are posted as a preview only.

With the above statement in mind, I will have some of my art posted on here, beyond just the webcomics.

Check in again soon, or Like the Studio's Facebook Page for more information! In the mean time, please use this list (alternate link) for information of where to find me! I have also added some social media links to the side bar and below. There is a link to my PayPal tipjar below as well if you feel like a tip would help me creatively. I do have a Patreon posted in the above lists, so if you would like to support there, you are more than welcome to!